Session 1: Putting and End to Arguing, Back Talk, and Begging
We learn how to:

           Avoid un-winnable arguments and power struggles

           Preserve loving relationships with our children

           Teach them to make good decisions about serious issues

           Take care of ourselves by setting enforceable limits


Session 2:Teaching Responsibility Without Losing Their Love

We learn how to:  

Help our children learn from their mistakes rather than repeating the mistakes

          What to do when we can’t think of a logical consequence

          How to discipline our children and our children know we love them
                    other tips for enjoying our children


Session 3:  Setting Limits without Waging War 

We’ll learn:    The secret of setting enforceable limits

                    How to teach our children to listen the first time we ask

 An effective technique for very young children (under carrying age)

                    Ideas for taking good care of ourselves as parents


Session 4:  Avoiding Power Struggles

We learn how to:  

          Avoid un-winnable power struggles

          Maintain healthy control over our homes

           Help our children learn to resist peer pressure and other temptations

           Ideas for gaining their genuine respect and admiration

Session 5: Guiding Kids to Own and Solve their Problems

We’ll learn:

How to guide our children toward owning and solving their problems and why doing so gives the gift of self esteem and personal responsibility

What to say when encountering teasing, bullying and other tough problems and more…


Session 6:Teaching Kids to Complete Chores without Reminders & not Pay      

Includes:    Steps for getting resistant children to do chores

                  What to do if our children refuse or forget to do them

                  Why chores help kids feel loved and needed

                  Why it’s better to call chores “contributions”

More about rearing happy and responsible children!